I Miss Running

On the 8th, I had some dental work done. Half of my mouth has stitches in it. Some of the side effects of this dental work is a inability to eat food that requires chewing, face swelling (not like my face is puffy enough), constipation -thanks to Vicodin, no strenuous exercise (I laid in bed for 2 days watching TV/napping), and I am unable to brush my teeth for 2 weeks. Yeah. It's been a great time saver! Not really. I do have a special mouth wash for this purpose.
Post-surgery Rules
I did make the best milkshake ever. Ever! No really. It was the best. I used chocolate ice cream, Darigold Refuel Chocolate Milk, and Vega Chocolate Protein. It was filling, I got a major chocolate fix, and I got a little extra protein in instead of just sugar carbs. Because all I have been eating is chocolate & rice pudding, chicken broth, and Dreyer's Fruit Bars. Last night, I was trying to get the BF to go to McDonald's & get me a cheeseburger because their food is so processed, it is not like you have to chew... But he hates anything that deals with fast food so he wouldn't.

Today, I feel better then what I have the past 2 days but I am stuck going to work. How good I will feel when I pull into work is a different story. I don't feel good enough to run, so it looks like this week will be a run-free week. Which makes me sad. Beginning of the week I was just looking forward to another 10 mile run tonight/tomorrow.

One thing that doesn't make me sad is that I have not been counting calories and a near liquid, carb-full, diet has been keeping my weight where I was at the beginning of the week. Despite being full of poo. 8 pounds down since the beginning of the year! That means I am 2 pounds lower then my marathon weight in November!

Have you gone running today?  What is your favorite soup to eat when you are unable to chew? I need a lunch idea for tonight.


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