Just Warming Up

I just did a short 3 mile slog on the Greenbelt. With the night off from work to go to the PostSecret lecture, I was willing to get an outdoor workout in.

 Post-slog stretching. My leggies need foam rolled for sure!
Post slog in the hooptie for a ride up to Tree City. Whatever calories I just burned by doing 3 miles, I am consuming back with the PB Blast. Peanut butter & banana yums.

I really felt like that 3rd mile, I was just getting warmed up. I really should have kept going and got at least another mile or 2 in. I thought I WAS trying to keep that 3rd mile at 13minutes, but it looks like I can push myself to go faster. Thank you speedwork. That 1st mile, I was going uphill, 2nd mile was downhill. I glanced at the garmin & noticed that I was at 11min/mi then it was 10:50, then 10:40, then 10:30. If I would have known that it ended at 10:02, I would have pushed a little harder to get it under 10. Oh well. I have plenty of other runs ahead of me to push me to get faster. 10:02 is pretty dang good for me on a non-treadmill slog.

How often do you do speedwork? Do you track your progress on speed and distance anywhere?


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