My Abs Hurt

Something is wrong.

I just did 10 post-work dreadmill miles at Ghetto Renew from 1:44am-3:44am and I didn't take in anything other then water and somehow I didn't bonk or really run out of steam until the last 2 miles. I did push through and inch up the speed from 5.0 to finish the last .10 mile at 6-6.5. Oh, I didn't do anything other then water because I forgot to put gels in my bag. I did have 3 year old Powerbars, but REALLY didn't want those...

 I had to lower the incline to -3.0 for a few miles because the heat kicked on. A lower incline means more fan is blowing on me, keeping me cooler. It is really distracting to have the heat blowing on an already hot head. I should be acclimated to the heat of summer by now...
What I chose to wear- I felt like a religious conservative while I was slogging. Oh well. It is not like anyone cares what I look like at 2-3am.

When I got into my car to go home, my abs hurt. The muscles really got a workout today! I actually feel good with not as many aches in my legs and lack of energy as most nights when I slog. But my brain and body better tire soon. It is bedtime!

What are your weekend plans? The BF has to make up V-Day to me by taking me out to dinner somewhere. I would be happy with Casanova for pizza & a pitcher of beer. There is not anyone in town that I am more in love with then Mr. Casanova - Dan the man. lol


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