Sunday Slog

Today, I couldn't take it. I needed to get outside and slog. I felt good, had energy, it was almost 50 degrees out, and I have not worked out all week. I needed to move!

I actually did over 5.90 miles, because the Garmin had me taking a shortcut on the track, which I didn't do. I slogged almost the whole time and only stopped right before mile 5 because I got a muscle cramp under my right collarbone. SO weird! But it sure felt good to move somewhere not on the greenbelt and somewhere not on a treadmill.

My mouth was ok and my stitches are healing and the swelling is going down and I can eat food, but can't really bite into anything.

Looks like I am back on the workout wagon this week!

Do you have any V-day plans this week? What are your workout plans this week?


  1. Nice work! I LOVE the look of all those laps on top of each other! No plans for VDay now but hopefully the hubby is planning something? What about you? Glad you're back on the workout wagon!

    1. I think seeing all the laps on the track via the garmin map is cool. You can see where I was having to switch lanes around the 10 other people using the track during the hour I was there.


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