Unexpected Motivation

Thursday after work, I found a little extra motivation to complete my workouts and keep my eating clean. 
A Party Invite! The BFs work is having a 5 years in business anni and it is a Formal/Semi-Formal deal in 2 weeks! Whateves a Formal/Semi-Formal deal is... I want to fit into a Banana Republic dress I wore a few years ago that I love instead of the dread of buying a new dress.
I love, love, love that dress and I want to look a little bit better, or however good I can look with 2 weeks notice...

Friday, I increased my protein intake and following, for the most part, a 4 week diet listed in this months Muscle & Fitness Hers. It is basically what I eat anyway, but every 2 hours and less bread. Which is a good thing.

Friday night after work, I wanted to pound out about 18 miles, but only got to 10.65.


10 miles ending at 4am is tough. It would have been easier to complete the 18 if I was outside (yikes, that was such an excuse) but you stay up all night see how hard it really is. I totally ran out of steam at mile 6 but mentally I really wanted to keep going. Could I have kept my 4.9 pace until nearly 6am to finish those miles? Probably not.

Saturday was a rest day.

Sunday was a wanna be run at the clubhouse, but a neighbor, who is handicapped, was on the 'mill. He would have been on it for like 2 hours and I was upset, but did 6 minutes of elliptical and about 45 of a hard weight workout. I usually do 2X12 and I did lat pulls, rows, russian twists, concentration curls, thrusters, delt raises, curls on the bis and tris, and my new fav move. 

Last week when I was doing squats and lunges, I felt like my knee was unhappy and noisey. Well, doing these one legged, totally feels like I am working more muscles and my knees were not annoyed. Love this move!

Anyways, I am looking forward to Monday and my easy run that is on the schedule.

Did you watch the Superbowl? Did you go easy on the tasty munchies? Last night I made a Fish Chowder  and homemade croutons which are so good to eat by themselves (ugh, I know, bread carbs) which was yesterdays dinner & today's lunch. I made chicken chili for the game and post game chocolate biscotti. I really want a Krispy Kreme for some strange reason right now.


  1. You got this! The dress is SO pretty and the motivation will get you there. Can't wait to see pictures :)

    1. Thanks! I actually feel confident in the changes that I have been making over the last week. :-)


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