All Signs Point To...

I was thinking. Yeah, sometimes not the smartest thing. And I do need someone to tell me "No!" or "Go!" with most moves I make in my life. Sometimes I make silly and unwise decisions. But I was thinking. I do want to keep running next year. If this year is going to be a marathon year (I want to sign up for another local marathon that just happens to fall on a Sunday, which is better for my work life.) But NEXT year, I would like to do an ultra. And a relay. People seem to have too much dang fun at the Ragnars and Hood to Coasts. I feel like I am missing out.

What gave me the ultra bug is this race. The Pickled Feet 24 & 12 Hour Runs.
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How many miles COULD I do in 12 hours? Or 24? I ran (haha ran) it by the BF today and he thought it was a horrible idea. But he hates running. And sits at a desk all day. So what does HE know? ;-)

Thankfully I found out about this race AFTER registration was closed on Thursday afternoon. Otherwise I would have made a potential mistake and register for it.

Another sign that is pointing for me to run an ultra next year is this race - The Ponderosa Pine Relay on July 20 & 21st.

If I had more running friends, and if I didn't sign up for that silly Sogonapmit Marathon (which I am having second thoughts over) this relay would be a fun race to do. So localish running peeps, 2013 I would like to do a relay and ultra. Think about think about joining a team with me next year! Or go ahead and join with one inaugural teams this year. 

Either way, both of these are on my list for next year!

Am I the only one that looks at races over a year in advance? 


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