Girlfriends Got Gear

Whoever thinks that Retail Therapy isn't therapeutic is just plain wrong.

Today, I had to get me some new kicks. And I feel good about it. I think this is the 4th pair of shoes I have purchased since the start of the year. My closet is overflowing with heels, flip flops, ballet flats, running shoes, cross trainers, and shoes I wear to work. I am always on my feet and need cute, comfy shoes.

I tried these on a few weeks ago and fell in love with them. My local running store had a Groupon a few weeks ago for $30 for $60 which I used for these shoes. So a $120 pair of shoes cost me $90. Which for a pair of running shoes is reasonable. I did a quick slog around the neighborhood in them. I am bummed that they didn't have these Brooks PureCadence in the blue color but I am happy with the black color. I also picked up some Honey Stinger gels today too.

I have been slacking on my running this week. I blame my FuelBand. I have it set for 4000 fuel points a day. I always hit my 4000 while at work. And I walk about 3-5 miles at work every night. I actually did Insanity Abs last night to help me hit 4000 before midnight. And I did a bazillion squats too. And a few pushups. And ran in place. At work.

After my tantrum that I had online the other day, I finally got my Heart Rate monitor from Omrom and FitFluential. And they threw in a Pedometer. I am sorry about my tantrum as it was unprofessional, but I can't wait to wear my monitor!

Have you treated yourself to new goodies lately?
What is your workout today?


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