I Thought I Would Be Hating Life...

Really, I did on Sunday. But I didn't. 14 miles - outside - about 13:20 average pace.

The reason why I thought that I would not feel well during the beautiful, sunny, 60-something degree weather is because, I think, I had about 4 gin & tonics. Maybe 3. Maybe 5. I think it may have been 4. Maybe. Plus breakfast/lunch was Chik-Fil-A (grilled chicken, large waffle fries, half a chocolate milkshake) and dinner was a small Casanova pizza. I don't think I ate much else that day other then a big handful of smokehouse almonds and some Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips. - got sample bags at the new grocery store on Milwaukee. I am bummed I didn't get some MetroMint water - fulled sized they were giving away. I did get some regular chocolate Powerbars for free.

Yeah, so starting Sunday morning (actually I got up at my normal time of Noon) with a gut-full of food from last night and some dehydration. Just a little.

But I had some water, 2 cups coffee, Honey Bunches of Oats and at 1:30 I was out the door to the Greenbelt. My legs were tired, but I really wanted to push myself and stay around a 12:30 pace. I had my ipod in my Camelbak and listened to my music on shuffle the whole time. Deerhunter - Red Ink made my 2nd mile pretty effortless. Actually it was all effortless until the 7th mile. I never had such an easy 6 miles before. Ever. Mile 7 my legs were getting heavy & I had to try a Honey Stinger waffle at that time so I had to walk to get it out of the back of my bag. Yeah, I waited until mile 7 to snack on something. I know last year I overfueled so I waited until the last minute on Sunday.

I got a phone call at this time and missed the call. I called the person back & accidentally called a co-worker instead. Oooops. I don't think she answered.

My knees were getting stiff and I was getting really sloppy on my form. Hunched back and everything. 10 miles has been the longest slog I have done in the last few months and I was really pushing myself going 14. But it really hurt to go past 10. I had to stop and walk because my form was so bad and my knees were killing me. Walk run walk run walk run. My feet were killing me on the walk back to the car.

But despite of a crappy fueling strategy on Saturday, Sunday worked out pretty well. Epsom bath soak afterwards, then hot tub, popsicles, tea, water, BBQ'ed chicken, wine and a crappy DVD, I feel good. My knees are a little achy & I should ice them today before work.

What was your weekend like? Are you having nice weather where you are at?


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