Just A Little Off

I spend this weekend, and starting this week, just a little off.
I just didn't hit green on Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday's long run was a little shorter, and a little colder then I wanted it to be. The greenbelt was peaceful because there was no one on it, except for a few bike riders. I really like to be the only one on foot plodding away. Makes me feel a little hardcore.
But these huge balloons made the last 2 miles of my run just that much better. Also seen a coyote and bunnie around those cows that I have all named Dinner out by Harris Ranch & Barber Park.

I actually blame being a little off this week on my consumption of chocolaty treats I cross paths with and am given at work. Must resist carbys this week. I actually feel better when my carbs consumption are low.

Today's Groupon is for Octobers Farm Man Challenge in Meridian. $17 for a the Hellish 6.66 Miler, the Running with the Dead Zombie 5K, or the Xross Challenge actually seems like a deal.

Also, one of my favorite blogs posted today about a potentially great long run recovery drink. ;-)

Do you drink pickle juice to recover? I know my little brother did after football practices in high school. I always laughed at him and thought he was a freak. Now that I know, I don't think it is so weird anymore.


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