The Long Run Is Taken Care Of

Saturday, when I do my long run, it's pretty much in the bag.

Other then the whole running part. I have the fueling, recovery, and washing taken care of by just going to my mailbox today.

It is all because I got a bunch of good freebies in the mail today.

Lemon-Lime & Grape GU Roctane - which I am excited to try, a coupon for a FREE Vita Coco, and a sample pack of Purex detergent. Nice how, like I said, my LR is taken care of.

So my run today. The weather was like this.

So I went and ran on this. This section of the Greenbelt makes me a trailrunner, right?
And the total slog at the end was this.

Not bad for it being windy as all get out.

What was your workout today? Did you get anything other then bills in your mailbox today? 


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