Nike FuelBand May Work...

Have you seen all the pre-order craziness surrounding the new Nike+ FuelBand?

These things Look pretty cool. I pre-ordered one in JANUARY. They were to be delivered on February 22nd. I got one the afternoon on the 22nd just as expected. I was stoked!

But it didn't work.

It was charged. It told me to GO! and make it count. It didn't do anything after I had it charged up. I had problems with the Nike Connect software registering with the Nike Plus site. Kept saying my user id was pending. I was pissed. Wore it to work, tried to use it on my computers at work, but it was a failure.

I called customer service. "Steve" was a super nice guy and tried to help me solve my issues for an hour on the phone. Said he would send this issue to another department & he would call me back when they figured it out.

I never got a call back.

I spend a weekend pissed that I spend $150 on something that I really, really wanted and I couldn't use it. I could have thrown $150 in the trash with less stress & expectation on what that $150 would do for me after I threw it away.

I called the customer service again. Asked for a replacement band. And I got that replacement band FedEx'ed today. Thank god, this little bastard works. Or the hour that I have been wearing it, it looks like it works. Lights up and everything.

That is something that the original one I got 2 weeks ago didn't do.

I can't wait to wear it to work tonight and see how many calories I burn and steps I take with covering for a coworker who is out due to injury.

I can't wait to wear it while working out. During my slogs, during my crosstraining, during my foam rolling.

I only got this because I wanted a BodyBugg, but I didn't like wearing the armband a few years ago when I did have one. But the FuelBand looks sleeker, less obnoxious then the armband. I always thought that the BodyBugg - which worked awesome for me - always made me show the world that I thought I was a fatty who wanted to be less fat. I was actually embarrassed to wear it. I don't feel the Fuel Band is embarrassing to wear.

Are there any other gadgets that you wear that you love/hate besides the Garmin or whatever GPS watch you use? 


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