NUUN Hood To Coast Desire - Part 1

I was up way too long last night. I was laying in bed for over 2 hours thinking. Not because of any sexytime, but because I ran (haha-ran) something by the BF before we went to bed (at 10pm! Super early for me) and he actually had a great idea.

I said I wanted to apply for the NUUN Hood To Coast female blogger team.

He was quiet for about 5 minutes (which isn't unusual) and and said he was thinking about my video app.

I told him that if I get this, he will get me out of the house for a few days. How motivating is that? 

Then he told me the idea that he came up with. Something I couldn't do all week long & he came up with this super good idea in, like, no time at all. 

I was laying in bed for 2.5 HOURS last night excited about all of this. I could not sleep.

I am going to apply to run this race!

I have my idea that I was up late thinking about.

And I have ANOTHER idea that the BF was telling me about this after-nuun. :-)

Thanks to the TV show Wilfred, that I forced the BF to watch, he wants to get some plushies involved.

Great. Dog hair in my Nuun. My favorite.

This week will be checking to see if I can find the right props. Which will include a plushie or two. How many friends can I recruit to be in plushie outfits for a few hours/all day? lol

I know I am not fast. My one and only 10k that I participated in was slow. It was my very first race last year. I did it in, like, 1:16.

But I think I can totally handle this Hood To Coast. I LOVE Seaside. LOVE it. My feet love Seaside.

I love the mountains.

And I am female and I run/slog and have this blog thing. 

I was on a trip to Seaside about 10 years ago or so and it happened to be when people were running HTC. I thought it was pretty freakin' cool.

I want to do this.

Have you ran or applied to run Hood To Coast? What is your favorite Nuun flavor?


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