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Aging and My Mid-Life Crisis

I can't believe that I am now 40. It sounds SO OLD. But I don't feel like I should be THAT old. Its depressing. I think I'm having a harder time accepting this then I did for when I turned 30.

It's scary. To be frank and a little macabre, you have to start planning for end of life stuff. There is a lot I have yet to do with my life. But to be planning old people stuff, its scary.

How much longer am I going to live? How can I do this the healthiest that I possibly can? Should I buy life insurance for my other half and I? How can I increase our retirement savings. (Going on a cruise a couple times a year is not helping with that savings.) At what age should I sign up for AARP?

I had one friend die of Pancreatic cancer this past year. It hit him hard and sadly fast. I had another friend in November pass due to complications with pneumonia and his diabetes. I seen him in the store a week or two before he passed and he was out of it. I googled both their names when I did n…

Official Long Run Day

Friday night at work I had to trot laps around this table to his my 3000 NikeFuel points on my Nike FuelBand. It was a hard day at work but I didn't walk around all that much. Needed to get my points in before midnight. And I did. #makeitcount
Saturday I did 14 slow miles. Made it to the dam, took a phonecall and slogged back. 

I got asked for directions as I finished up my call and I watched about 30 rock climbers. I am never going to be hardcore enough to do that. I am seriously scared to do that.

Seen about 7 deer that I didn't see on 1st trip. They were very concerned about me as I was slogging by.

The wind was really getting to me on the way back. I was walking a little more then I wanted.

But I did get to enjoy all the birds and people passing me on bikes. I didn't want to hurt after my long runs like I normally do, so walking is AOK by me. And those Brooks PureCadences are actually comfy. Can't wait for my longer runs in them. Oh and I did buy the PureGrits and I will be getting those Tuesday!

I made the BF take me to replenish my glycogen stores. The bowl was my lunch AND dinner. There was carrots, celery, small shrimp and fake crab along with lots of garlic and sesame seeds.

My friends hubby did a 100 miler today. He finished in 23 hours 50 min. That is so awesome! 

Did you run or race today? How did you refuel after your workouts?


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