Take The Good

This late evening/morning slog was 6 miles - 71:29
I walked almost the 1st mile because I was on the phone talking to my BFF. At 2am.

I was really pumped to be working out. And I had the whole "gym" to myself. It is a tough week with extra duties at work this whole week - but I did find a free pass to Edwards on the ground today, so that was like a free $10! I also was not nearly as sore as I expected after the Bob Harper Core DVD then slogging 6 miles on Monday. So, yea. I was pumped to get the sweatfest going tonight.
After my 2nd mile, I felt like I was hating life. Isn't it strange how you can have a super awesome workout and then not? My energy just crashed and my form was getting pretty sloppy. I think it has to do with not drinking as much water the last 2 days, not sleeping as well, and a little bit more sugary-junk in my diet. Oh well. Take a good run, take a bad run, whateves. I am still running.

I totally even spaced out on getting my 2.9 mile time for Running Moms Virtual Run. It was like 40 minutes. I started before the Daily Show and finished my 3 miles at almost the end of the show.

Speaking of lack of sleep, I would like to do a 10K this Saturday. I am SURE I could beat my 1:17 10K time, but if I did sign up tomorrow and run, I would get maybe like 5-6 hours of sleep and won't be at my peak slogging performance. Oh, well. I will catch another 10K this year for sure!

Are there any races coming up that just don't work in your schedule to do? Do you think that you always have to get a PR when you race?


  1. Right now my focus is on PRs, but I do want to run some races just for the fun of it!!!! I think the Mother's Day 5k is going to be a race I do just for the fun of it. I can't wait to keep reading more of your blog! Keep truckin on! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. A mothers day 5k would be fun to do!


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