16 More Days

16 more days (2 more Saturdays - or is it one more Saturday then the big Saturday or.. whateves) until Robie Creek.


And I have been fighting a cold. Or maybe it is allergies. Everything just bloomed overnight this week and there is pollen in the air for sure. But I usually get Fall season allergies since living with the BF, and not springtime. But my boss was really, really sick for over a week, so I may have caught something from him. He was really sick, like off work for 6 working days sick. Or maybe it was the people coughing continuously in Los Betos when we went there Saturday night with the $5 I found running down Harrison Blvd while I was making my video for the Nuun/Hood To Coast thing.

I was looking at my Facebook timeline and I have found $5 3 times in the last year or so. This was the 2nd time this year. I shoulda bought a lottery ticket, but I bought a burrito instead. 

Anyways, whatever it is, I want it to be done and over with so I will be healthy and full of energy for the Toughest Half Marathon In The Northwest.

I have not felt like running or doing much last week. I didn't sleep well all last week and this week didn't hit my Nike FuelPoints everyday at work like I have consistently have been doing for a month. Just really out of it.

I did slog a quick mile today. Yeah, not a lot, but at least it is something to get outside. My throat hurts and the cold weather and the running didn't make it feel better.

OJ that I was going to use for Mimosas is now my feel better vitamin C source. I guess I could STILL make mimosas and get my VitC in....

On an unrelated running note, I did find this book at the library today.

If you have read this blog for longer then a week, you know that I love to hate on things. (I say that it makes the things I love that much more special) This is seriously a book I SHOULD HAVE WROTE. Anyways, It is like a kiddy book but it is not. It is really cute. Made my day.


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