Birthday Presents

My birthday is in a few weeks. I am a pretty easy person to get a present for. I am pretty vocal about things that I want. I don't appreciate the BF buying me alcohol for my birthday and xmas but if it's cool if someone else does that.

Being a runner, anything running related is welcomed.

I got asked if registration to the Redfish Lake Lodge Memorial Run would be a great gift idea for me.

Heck yea! Memorial day weekend in the mountains! Double heck yea if that birthday present even includes a night at Redfish Lodge too!

This idea got me looking into other May races too that I would like to do.

CDA Marathon would be awesome & it is the Sunday after Redfish.
Coeur d'Alene Marathon
And if the birthday gift included a night at The Coeur d'Alene Resort - Heck Yea!

And I know this isn't a May race but still be cool anyways - Dynamite Half Marathon & 5K

"Party On The Run" - Yes, please!

Have you ever been given a gift of a race registration? I never expected to do a Memorial Day Weekend race, but it looks like I get to!


  1. I think a race entry would be a great gift!! I always prefer experiences to actual things!

  2. I have never thought about it, but that would be an AWESOME gift!!!


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