Brick Saturday

Today was a #SweatPink Saturday.

Got my Sweat Pink tank on and went out for a short run. Just 6 miles. Took my handheld with me and had it filled with a sample pack of Gu grape Roktane. Tasted really sweet and more like Kool-Aid then a sports drink. I would use this again, but need just plain water to drink too and not just this stuff.
My running pace was pretty good. About 12 min/miles. My legs felt good and recovered. Ignore the last couple of splits. I guess I had my Garmin on when I thought it was off.

I got home and the BF was getting ready for a bike ride. Did I want to go to? Yes! So I did a short bike ride with him after I changed clothes. It was getting cooler out, and it was windy, so we just did almost 9 miles.

We were going to walk up to Tablerock today, but family dinner plans are getting in the way with that.

I will be having a couple of giveaways coming up very soon!

On a side note, my phone had a few apps upgrade this weekend and now, I can't use Twitter or Foursquare on my phone. If you notice I am a little quiet on both, well, it is the upgrades not working with my phone as they should. I usually use Twitter on my phone since it works better then my comp - my computers are dinosaurs.

Did you run or race this weekend? How did it go? It seems like everyone in the bloggy world did awesome in Eugene. Congrats!


  1. Wow a run AND a bike ride!? Awesome job!!

  2. Holy tons of fitness batgirl - you're running/cycling is inspirational! Did the weather cooperate?

  3. That is definitely a sweat pink saturday! Nice work :)

  4. Thats for the heads up on the roktane- I get a tummyache with the super sweet stuff!


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