He Is My Rock

Yesterday, I forced the BF to go out and walk up the Tablerock with me.

We went a little slower then what I am used to going. I was running up ahead, and having to stop & wait for the BF. He was walking slooooow. I was actually calling him my anchor, holding me back. And he didn't like eating my dust on the trail.

It took a slow 40 minutes to make it to the top of Tablerock. We wore layers. Such a good idea because going up, it was warm trying to power uphill, but at the top is super windy and cool. We wore our jackets going down. Next time, I will bring my Camelbak with me.
There was eyecandy for all also. I was oggling this dude in a black tee and khaki cargo shorts. There was this chick running down the trail & this guy with his GF had to take a long look at her as she went by. If he was my BF, I would have punched him. Or teased him. It was funny because it was SO obvious he was checking this chick out.

On Saturday, after my 1st snake encounter around mile 3, I was walking and fixing my hat and sunglasses. I stepped wrong off the Greenbelt and while my ankle didn't really bother me then, it is bugging me now. Must have been aggravated from all the technicality of the trail. Up and down motion of my foot is ok. Side to side has a slight strained feeling. Guess I gotta get some compression and ice on it!

How is your Monday going? Did you do any fun workouts this weekend?


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