Hello Sunshine!

Today, it was like this.
Hello, sunshine! Threw on some suncreen (hopefully you slather that shizit on too) and went out to do this.

I had my key jangling in my pocket and I bet I annoyed all the golfers at the golf course. Sorry. My clothing doesn't have the best pockets to keep my cell and keys in.
And, I looked like this when I was done.

Hello Sunshine! :-) I was stretching while I took this.

What was your workout today? Do you wear sunscreen everyday? Do you use a self tanner? I am looking for a good self tanner with sunscreen in it.


  1. Stopping by as a fellow Sweat Pink ambassador :) I ran Seattle half in 2010... too! But I was there in 2011 to cheer my friend on in her first full. That was some abysmal weather, wasn't it?? Glad you got in such a nice run today!

    1. Seattle was an experience:-) I was prepared for the rain, but would do things differently if I did it again. Thank goodness for nicer weather. :-)


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