I Was On A Roll

I wanted to do my long run today, Easter Sunday, but with going to bed late last night - had to finish off my Nuun Hood To Coast 2012 application. Oh yeah, we watched Breaking Wind from the redbox last night too. Funny, funny movie. They did a good job spoofing Twilight...

Anyways, ran out of time to run with waking up late and getting ready for dinner at the BFs moms house. I did get an hour bike ride in with the BF. I just didn't get a long enough ride in. 10 miles just wasn't enough.

I wore my biking shoes today. Its been years that I wore them. Years. I usually wear regular shoes or just Tevas when I bike. But wow, I hate going up Protest hill but being attached to my pedals sure let me cruise up that stupid hill. It was actually the easiest time I had going uphill. Will I wear my bike shoes everyday during my bike commutes because it makes biking easier? No because it is time consuming to switch and that extra weight just isn't worth it to me. But on fun bike rides, I think I should wear them more often.

I thought this ice sculpture, minus the ears, on the greenbelt from the Arid Club was pretty cute.

I promise that I will get a run in tomorrow, and I plan on keeping the car at home and taking the bike to work. Yay! Nice weather!


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