My Arms Are Burning

This is going to be a little random post of blurbs. 

My arms are burning and shaking. I did the Bob Harper Beginners Workout dvd that I picked up at the library. It was raining outside and I didn't feel like slogging in the rain or treadmill, and I had this dvd for a while, so decided today is a good day to do it.

I like the Bob DVDs. I am not a Jillian fan. Go Team Bob or Team Dolvett. This dvd is a little easier then some of his, but since I only have 12 pound dumbbells, my arms got worked for sure. I really liked the freestyle swim moves with weights.

I found this coin purse on the Purse Page and thought it was cute.

Seems like there are so many people that could carry it and have a little laugh. Or a little motivation to stop stopping and keep going. Or use it to hold my debit cards and ID when I go out for coffee or drinks with friends.

My dream purse right now is a Dior Lady Dior. Or a black Birkin. Or a Chanel that is a little bigger then the couple I have.

I am now down 11 pounds from the beginning of the year but none of my clothes fit differently. I think I am losing muscle and replacing it with fat in most places.

I felt bloated from all the water (and PMS) I had during the Robie Creek Half and I guess I looked bloated too. I do like the 1st pic and my finish line pic from the Statesman is better looking then Brightrooms.

Packet pick up for the Lake Lowell Marathon is next Friday. I am so excited. And I have mixed feelings about being given a gift of a race entry from family. I think it is great that they acknowledge something that I enjoy doing. But it is from a person who believes everyone should be skinny and has concerns about everyone's weight and looks. Weight is a constant conversation topic. So while I appreciate a gift at any time, I do not appreciate a gift with ulterior motives.

I think I am going to have to order online a Rogue Voodoo beer. I love VooDoo, have spent some time at Rogue in PDX, but now there is a beer with maple AND bacon flavoring?! And it is in a pink bottle.

That's it for me for now. What was your workout today? Races coming up soon?


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