Race Anxiety & What The F Was I Thinking?!

What a day.

And I am a dense brick. I did something stupid today.

I went on a bike ride.

Yeah, a little bike ride to burn off some pre-race jitters. Keep loose, yea no big deal.

Yeah. I didn't pick the best location. I dropped my car off at the 1st shuttle drop off tomorrow and decided to bike as far as I could to make it easier for the BF to pick me when he got off work. Yeah. I totally forgot that the car drop off was just a little farther and mountainous then what I was thinking of....

SO, if you saw me pushing my bike uphill on Highway 21, and cruising downhill (no pedaling for 6 miles -SIX - so worth it) without a helmet...

That was me.

Sometimes I need someone to tell me that I am not thinking clearly. Because sometimes - I Don't.

Sometimes I just need to learn my own lessons. 

For the Lake Lowell Marathon, I WON'T be doing something stupid.

I learned my lesson. But I did burn off some much needed anxiety. Which was soooo needed.

The "Rooster Tail." And I got to see a ton of Woodpeckers on the way back. Usually, I see one here and there and on my "venture" I got to see at least 10. So cool.

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  1. Eek, that bike ride sounds a little more challenging than optimal! That blister doesn't look good either :/ Still, sometimes we do things that seem sensible at the time and I guess life is about making mistakes :) At least you managed the jitters!

  2. I feel better after DOING the bike ride, but regret the location/and wearing the socks I did, which are going to be replaced ASAP. I thought I was helping myself when I think I may have been hurting. Oh well. The past is past. :-)

  3. Oh no!! OUCH that looks painful!!! I hope you get all healed up quickly!!


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