Slow & Sloggy

Today's workout was a quick 4.5miler on the greenbelt. At about a 13min/mi pace. Slow. Yes. Just felt slower then normal. I guess still recovering from Saturday I guess.

 Looks like they are done at the "whitewater park." I always thought this was stupid and a self indulgent thing on the part of the kayakers to remodel the Boise River, but that is just my negative opinion. But the stand up paddle boarders on the Clocktower Pond was super cool to see.

 A stretch of shade-free greenbelt, and I was alone. So warm. 70-something.

Everything is all green. Love how everything is all green. Pretty.

Not much to say right now. In a rush to get to work. Did you workout today? Is it the weekend yet?


  1. i think we should start the movement for the wednesday weekend. ;) great job on the run and it's starting to look like spring/summer time...yaya for the green grass and purdy running routes! :) and i got my sweat on today too....hehe.

  2. I think running is worthwhile regardless of pace :) Or at least that's what I tell myself when I run slow! Great greenery, that is for sure.

  3. My first run post-marathon was crazy painful and slow - so I feel ya! Love the greenbelt though - my all-time favorite green belt is in Idaho Falls - have you been there? So pretty!


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