30 Days of Burpees

Who loves burpees?

Oh, gawd, I so do not love doing them.

But I will semi-willingly do them. I do love how they get your heart rate up within seconds. I feel like these and thrusters are 2 of the best exercises to do.

Funny thing about burpees is that I can tell you the very first time I did them. Last year, free personal training session at the ghetto gym I signed up with, the boot camp trainer made me do 3 sets of like 15. I did them with my hands on the sides of a Bosu ball, did a push up from that (ball side down) and had to lift the Bosu over my head when I came up. Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Anyhow, I gave some burpees some love this week at midnight of my bday and looks like I will be giving them some love for the next 30 days.

One of my friends is getting married next month, so why not try to look even more fab then what I do now and torture myself by doing a 30 day burpee challenge that Your Inner Skinny hosted last year, and Slim Sanity, a fellow #SPA, is starting up once again.

So, before I got a chance to do a single burpee, I had to wait for my nails to dry. Loreal Greycian Goddess.

And I knocked out 20 regular with a jump when I stood up. While at work. In jeans and a cotton t-shirt. How's that for no excuses?

20 Burpees earned me about 100 Nike+ points on my FuelBand.

Who's up for doing the 30 day challenge with me?


  1. Burpees are killer!! But they work so well! :)

    1. Yes they do! And you can do them pretty much anywhere!


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