Guess Who Got A Bath?!

Not me. Well, not yet. I do need to shower after my slow and sloggy 5K.

Slow and sloggy, like I said. But still sweaty. I don't know how everyone can run the same pace for more then a mile in a row. I can't do it unless I am on a treadmill. I can run close, but unless you call a minute difference close.

I got my whip back from George's today! Minus the fact that I had people concerned about my running skirt I was wearing then helping me get my bike - I waited to get helped for 15 minutes. You know that anger when you want to start yelling at the employees because they are screwing off and ignoring you? Yeah. BUT I am glad I have it back now.

It got a bath, a new chain, new rear cable, and a tune up.

What is weird is that I have had this bike since 1998. Yeah, a long time. And it being the only bike I have, it's my ride, ya know. A co-worker somehow found the SAME BIKE this week and started riding it to work. THE SAME BIKE! How weird is that? His is a little more beat up then mine, but it is the same bike.

I will ride it tonight if I get stuff done today before work or I will get it out for about 30 miles tomorrow or Sunday.

One random thing right now - I am in love with this stuff. Really. On pasta and bread. Got it at Cost Plus last weekend with my free birthday $10. Love it! I don't really care for regular pesto but this Lemon Artichoke Pesto is just what I love. And the dipping oil - half the cost from the Williams Sonoma stuff. Yum!

What are you loving for the start of this weekend?


  1. great workout!! that said i hope u AND the bike got a bath, i mean i love getting sweaty but i'm not a fan of BO either. ;) hehe...i hope u get that as a total hehe joke thing, i wish they had a little sarcastic font. have a great nite!

    1. I actually took 2 showers today, so hopefully I am good for now. Some of my coworkers on the other hand...


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