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The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World Review

This post is sponsored by The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World book by Allison Sher.

I was given a digital copy of this book. I thought that it would be good to read, even though I am a Gen X'er. There is just so much talk about the Millennial's right now that I thought that it would be good to get to know what is going on inside their head.

About the Book  The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World teaches young people everything they need to know to change the world, while building a happy, healthy adult life for themselves. It explains how our current social systems work, the challenges young people are inheriting and how millennials can step into our power to create a critical mass conversion to solve them. Everything from politics to spirituality to love relationships to education to sex to economics to mental health is covered. And it includes 50 or so juicy, true life stories from millennials across the country…

Running Lake Lowell

Yeah, that didn't happen.
Finally got around to taking my bib off my belt today. 160 is a DNS.
I don't know if I got a touch of a bug or ate something bad, but Lake Lowell didn't happen for me. And I am pissed/bummed/ect. I really wanted to spend the weekend with sore leggys and embracing the post marathon gloat while celebrating with post-run tequila. 

I didn't feel 100% Friday and I chalked it up to lack of sleep the night before. Glass of wine after my last blog post and the BF brought dinner from one of my favorite places to eat in town after. It is somewhere we are at often and never had a problem with, so I won't name it because I don't want to freak anyone out. It may or may not have been the problem. And I only had a chicken sandwich and a few bites of the BFs shrimp. Nothing crazy and nothing out of the ordinary, but that 2nd shrimp I snagged was a little funny. I didn't gorge myself and I didn't drink the whole box of wine. Fell asleep at 10pm.

Slept 6 hours. Up at 4am, even though my alarm was set for 5:30am. BF got up at 4 and I laid in bed until 5, then I got up, turned on the coffee pot and got a Nuun ready to drink.

Didn't get more then a couple of sips of coffee and Nuun down. And if I don't drink my coffee, something is seriously wrong. Coffee = my life power. Up to shower at 6am and then my dinner decided to make an appearance a couple of times. Up and out. Not down and out. It felt like a mix of a hangover without the spins and food poisoning without the insane cramping but I did have a gut ache. Funny thing is that I didn't have nerves giving me a hard time. Side note: my BFF was up all night with a gut ache too. Sympathy pains I guess.

I got dressed and at 6:30 laid back down. Slept until almost noon! That is over 12 hours of sleep for this insomniac. I didn't feel like being upright so I spent the whole day in bed. In my running clothes. There is no way I could have ran. Or walked. And if I did, I would have finished at the very end. Which was expected. And there were quite a few people that have DNS on their time. Actually, a lot for such a small race. Glad I wasn't the only one.

So, there. I am done beating myself up over this.

I have other races that I get to do.  And there are plenty of other marathons that I want to do this year. I can now focus for the half at the end of the month without worry that I will be too sore to run it. Plus See Jane Run half is next month. So I will be Sweating Pink at other races and not giving up.

And it looks like Boise will be getting a 5K Foam Fest on Sept 19th.

Now, on to make the BFs lunch and me to get outside and run on the greenbelt for something like 6 miles. I took today off work as it is my little bros b-day (yesterday was the BFs) and I expected to use it as another post-marathon recuperation day. Sigh.

Have you ever had a DNS or DNF on a race and why?


  1. Bummer about getting the bug! I have never had a DNS or DNF, but I know that someday I probably will have one or both. Don't beat yourself up over it. :-)


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