Weekend Roundup Randomness

Wow, what a weekend! I didn't get much of a workout in on Sunday. The BFs car broke down at the Costco gas station & I had to save him with my mad mechanic skillz. Actually, I called my mechanic friend that had my car tore apart for a few days. I figured he could help out with something small. Anyways, it was a small deal (but still financially painful) and it should be all good to get us up to Stanley this weekend.

Stanley. The weather prediction is 55 degrees and 40% chance of rain. Yikes. Where did my nice weather go?

Did you see the Solar Eclipse yesterday? After the car fiasco, we got lunch and went up to Tablerock and made a box viewer to see the sun. There was a couple of times where the clouds blocked the sun just enough to look at it and see the moon in front of the sun. Yeah, I am not blind but it was very cool to watch everything get dark, then bright again.

Saturday I did get a 9 miler in. (About 14min/mi average) I did do it AFTER I had lunch at Tucanos. Not smart. I was pretty full from eating all those meat bits, I had a hard time getting blood to move to my legs. It was a tough slog, so I just walk/slogged each mile. There was a point that there was no cars and I could hear all the birds chirping and the river running by. It was very peaceful. 

And I found someones Nathan water bottle in the river, so I had to climb off the greenbelt and into the river to get it. I figured someone dropped it while running the Potato marathon earlier in the day.

I gave some Honey Stingers a try before I made my way back to my car.
I actually liked them. They didn't upset my gut and had good flavor.

Workout goals for this week is just to get a few sloggy miles in. I plan on riding my bike to work today and maybe the rest of the week. Depending on weather. I want to keep my legs fresh for all the hills and cold I expect to torture myself with on Saturday. And I am going to start hydrating a little more then what I normally do.

What are your workout goals this week? What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?


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