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The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World Review

This post is sponsored by The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World book by Allison Sher.

I was given a digital copy of this book. I thought that it would be good to read, even though I am a Gen X'er. There is just so much talk about the Millennial's right now that I thought that it would be good to get to know what is going on inside their head.

About the Book  The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World teaches young people everything they need to know to change the world, while building a happy, healthy adult life for themselves. It explains how our current social systems work, the challenges young people are inheriting and how millennials can step into our power to create a critical mass conversion to solve them. Everything from politics to spirituality to love relationships to education to sex to economics to mental health is covered. And it includes 50 or so juicy, true life stories from millennials across the country…

What Did I Get Myself Into?

Friday night I got an email from the race director of the Redfish Memorial run in Stanley, ID.

He was letting everyone know that the snow has melted and they finalized the route.

Since all the snow is now gone, we have been able to get on the ground and fine tune the courses for this year.  Wow!  They are awesome!  The 5K course will be the same as last year - campground loops and lake front running.  The 10K course will be similar to last year up to the 3.8 mile mark and then you will go off-road onto a U.S. Forest Service trail system.  It will take you along the Outlet Creek through the woods and along the river bank....a lot of fun!  You will then run along the Redfish Road back to the Lodge.  The Half course will follow the 10K course up until the 4.8 mile mark and then northeast on the Redfish Road until the Decker Flat Road (U.S. Forest 210).  This is a dirt road with some gentle ups and downs.  It comes back down just behind the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery and then heads back North along the West side of the Salmon River to the Buckhorn Bridge.  From there, you will follow Highway 75 North for approximately 2 miles to the first turn to the Stanley Ranger Station.  Then, back on to some dirt roads on a logger road near the Alpine Way, fun, fun....The course then begins the trek back to the Lodge through the forest and eventually over the foot bridge at "Checkpoint Charlie" and then back up the Redfish Road and home to the Lodge.  It is a very diverse course - challenging, but full of unique terrain and breathtaking views.
Course maps can now be viewed on a jpeg Google Earth image on our website at

The race is going to be fantastic this year and we are very excited.  It is such a perfect family event and we are sure this will become one of the coveted races in the Northwest.  

Just a reminder of the "Bluefish Club" jump scheduled for high noon after the race.  If you are out on the course at noon, you can still get a prize for jumping in after your run.  We also want to remind you of local music icon Muzzie Braun playing during the pre-race dinner and events on Friday night.  "The Pesky Grapeseeds" will be playing during the post-race lunch.

I had to look at the map. "Diverse course - Challenging - Unique Terrain" 

What comes to your mind when you hear those words? Besides "I poo'ed myself."

It looks like it is all hills!

Ok, looks like I am up for another challenge. I don't think I have ever picked an "easy" race. Well, maybe the Live2BFit but it wasn't that easy because I was really tired from working so late the night before. Anyways this race is going to be interesting, that's fo sho.

And I kind think I should have done the 10K. I will be bringing up the rear of this race.

I might as well jump in the lake postrun and join the BlueFish Club while I am at it. He did say you would get a prize if you did it. My fingers are crossed for warm mountain weather. And a super cool prize to make a cold lake worth jumping in to. Like a couple Hot Toddy's.

Have you ever done a polar bear plunge or something like that? What would it take you to jump into a cold lake?


  1. I have never jumped into a cold lake, but I would do it if I had the chance! :)


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