Who's A Dirty Girl?

After a drink too many at the Modern with the BF and a friend last night, I needed to get my sweat on today.

We had the NPR Political Junky drink. Pretty darn tasty. Really.

The BF and I decided to walk in the foothills.

We did 8 miles. Almost 2000' elevation gain. Made it to Hulls Gultch. The weather was pretty darn nice for it being 80 degrees outside.

Although Boise looked really hazy.

The BF got out of the way before I took the pic.

I packed a PB sandwich because I knew we were going to be out there for a while and I know I would need something for energy. The BF & I split the sandwich. And it fit perfectly in a pocket of my Camelbak. Like they knew people would be putting a sandwich in there!

I needed a shower fo sho after almost 3 hours walking the trails.

These dogs are barkin. And I got blisters on my toes!

Do you like the trails? Or do you prefer the cleaner road or TM?


  1. Oh man those are some gnarly blisters. I don't mind the trails if I am doing a group run. I'm too afraid of the boogy man or getting lost!

  2. That looks like a great - but challenging - trail! Definitely more interesting than a treadmill, that is for sure.

  3. I hate blisters! I had one on my heel when I first started to run and it was BRUTAL! I had the wrong shoes on and it went away after I gave in and go new shoes. :)


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