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Teton Dam Marathon Review

On the 2nd of June, I woke up at 4am to make a 3 hour drive to eastern Idaho for the Teton Dam Marathon. I did the 5K.

Did I mention I woke up at 4am to make a 3 hour drive. Yeah, not the best idea for legs to be in PR shape. My leggies were stiff and at 1100 more feet of elevation then at home, it was a slow trot for sure. No PR attempt this trot, that's for sure.

I woke up at 4am (my normal wake up time is 8am - 10am depending on the day) so that early is  painful. I had everything all packed and ready the evening before- brekky, post-race clothes, snacks, and a full tank of gas for the long drive. All I had to do was make coffee and head out. I didn't even brush my teeth before I left. Coffee first.

The drive was nice and not a lot of traffic for a Saturday morning. I don't know the last time I have been to Rexburg, but it was easy to find the race start. I thought the race started at 8am, but that was the 10K. The 5K started at 8:30am and I got there to get my bib at …

Case of the Mondays

I had a great weekend. My friend got married to the most perfect guy for her on Saturday evening. I didn't take pics during the ceremony because my camera makes a click noise and I didn't want to disrupt the ceremony.

The BF was in panic mode all day on Saturday. You know how men feel about weddings. I just want to get invited to a bazillion weddings so I can take him and make him sweat.

The BF & I went to Berryhills for a drink & app after the party. I had an I'm Your Huckleberry martini. He had Wild Turkey. We split the Buffalo Bacon Sliders. Totally worth going back there again if I ever had a spare $50.

The BF went to go get the car so I wouldn't have to walk a bazillion blocks in fancy heels and the waitress thought he ditched me. She was seriously concerned. It was funny, but not at the same time.

Sunday involved pac-maning most of a Costco container of strawberries. I even had a few more today. They are sweet, not tart and do not need any sugar. Perfect. Oh, and re-watching Army of Darkness. The BF has never watched any of the Evil Dead movies before. How could you have never watched them? I tease him that he only watches fancy foo-foo foreign films that have the palm leaves of Cannes or Sundance ect. But it is true. Anyways, he now has watched all 3 and looking forward to the Evil Dead remake next year.

Today. Well it is Monday.

I did not do any working out this weekend. With no races on the books, this is the first weekend in a while that I have not done a long run on a Saturday or Sunday. Downtime is nice, but I think I prefer to keep a long run (10 miles maybe?) on weekends.

I kinda figured that a Monday afternoon run would help calm me down. It did. It was a good, sweaty run. There were so many attractive running dudes without their shirts that I was able to oggle. But then I come home and the dread of having to go to work just hits me. Last Monday my lead workers drove their van onto the sidewalk to get my attention for whatever reason but they almost hit me. I don't have any races really on the books for the rest of the year, so I shoulda let them hit me. The harassment is out of control at my workplace and I don't know what to do.

If any companies are interested in my resume, please let me know.

What did you do this weekend? How do you cope with a case of the Mondays? Do you know any companies hiring?

Have you entered my giveaway this week?


  1. Your workplace situation doesn't sound good :( That is really hard, work is such a big part of the week it makes things tough when you don't want to be there (more than anyone doesn't want to be there :P).

  2. Really!?? That doesn't sound good AT ALL. It is really tough when you work at a place where you might not be happy. I struggle with that sometimes. My Monday was freaking insane! I swear, I felt like I was in the twilight zone and my body was sleeping somewhere. :) It was a madhouse at work and we are very short handed. Hence the reason I came home and was in bed pretty early. :)

  3. Ugh. So sorry work is sucking so much for you. Life is too short for crap like that. I hope you find something new and fabulous soon. Look how cute you are!


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