I Got Bling!

You know how I did the Stanley Half Marathon and I did not get any bling afterwards?

Well, I emailed the race director. He said they were handing them out at the finish line, but not sure why I didn't get anything. He offered to send me my medal.

And I got it!

He sent a beautiful card of Redfish Lake along with it.

Here are some pics of the race I have not posted yet.
About a mile into it.
Trotting to the finish!
I am in between the lady in orange and the dude in neon green.
That dude and his dog got so many pics of them. That friggin' dog beat my finishing time!


  1. Wow, it goes to show it doesn't hurt to ask! I'm so glad you followed up and got your well deserved medal. Great pictures too :)


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