National #RunningDay

I did go and run today.

Just 3 easy miles on the greenbelt with no coffee beforehand.

There were quite a few people out on the greenbelt. I could not tell if they knew what special day it was or if they were out because it was lunchtime and they had to get out of their cubicle cage.

I WAS going to enter into a Rock N Roll race today, since they were $20 off today, but I couldn't decide which one to sign up for - so I didn't sign up for any of them.
Seattle- my friend is getting married that day and I made reservations for Berryhill that night.

Denver, well a little to close to save up flight and hotel for. I am saving my pennies and picking up cans for a new car. And there is a good chance I will be using all of my savings to pay for Berryhill. 

Arizona, well, the BF went to ASU and his brother lives in Phoenix, so that would be cool to hang with family. But I don't think I could convince the BF to spend $1000 on our flights to there. Even though we wouldn't have to spend money on a hotel.

Vegas, that sadly isn't eligible for the discount and I have had no luck going to Vegas- a future post in itself.

Texas would be cool because I have a friend down there that would drive to Dallas to hang out, but again, I don't want to spend $500 for a flight for myself for just a half marathon.

PDX- that is about the time that Bay To Breakers will be happening next year and the BFs step-dad is talking about doing it next year. Which means I could convience the BF to go to San Fran.

So, all my potential options for a RNR race just didn't work out for me today. Maybe if I could get someone to pay for my flights and hotel, I would gladly do them all.

Next year, my big races I want to plan for will be NWM and Divas Half. 

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about flight and hotel for See Jane Run Half coming up next week. So freaking excited! Will you be running it?

Did you take advantage of any #RunningDay race specials?

Did you enter my awesome giveaway?


  1. Yahoo for Seattle and runnnning on running day. I went hiking instead..oops.


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