Nothing New On Race Day

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a big day.

I will be completing half marathon number 4! Woo hoo!

This was also one of those days (where I am going to babble-I have a lot distracting me right now) where I didn't have anything to wear. I mean I do, but honestly, I wanted an excuse to wear a new outfit. So I bought a new tank top. And lets say this new tank matches my #SweatPink laces. Seriously hot/hawt pink. If the BF doesn't see me at the finish line in what I have picked out to wear, I will be very, very unhappy.

I know the rule is nothing new on race day, but I am pretty sure I am going to survive in a new tank.

Something else new on race day- Accel Gels. I just got an order this week (Free shipping, a free box of Recover bars and half off my order thanks to my Earndit points!) and have not had a chance to try them. I tried one of the Recover bars and I didn't think they upset my gut, but just going to take the chance and give the gels a try.

I usually use Hammer Gels for races, and I can always take one along just in case I puss out and don't want to take a new gel risk.

Dinner is something new too. I usually always have pizza, but wanted to give Extreme Pizza a try. I got the Baja 1000, Paia Pie, and I even splurged and got the  Pow Pows!

My pre-race gin & tonics is being replaced by vodka and a Kensington Marmalade mixers from Dean & Deluca. I am trying the lime. It is tangy.

Race packet pickup was interesting. Packet pickup was in the store downtown. There was a pasta dinner going on that smelled pretty good, a Newton rep was there with shoes, and a someone giving pointers about the race and race course.

 I got goodies! A reusable See Jane Run tote, a tech shirt, Chomps and a Luna bar.

I AM a race ambassador. I did register. I have been helping promote the Boise race. When I got my goodies, they didn't have my name in the system. I did have my emails, but the lady giving out the packets looked at me pretty suspiciously. It was embarrassing to have someone looking at me so questionably. Although it was no big deal to put my name again on another registration form but still.

The dude at Cost Plus was talking up new bubbly. I took his advice and may make it my post-race treat. 

Well, off to finish my limey drink and to night night early.
 Are you racing this weekend? Anything fun planned? 


  1. That bag is pretty awesome! Good luck with half #4!

    Me? I'll be racing in Relay Around Columbus. 107 miles throughout the city. The first race of its kind here! Wish me luck! 6 ladies, 1 van, 24 hours!


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