So Awesome

Today was a pretty laid back day. Forced the BF to go to Shu's so I can check out new trail shoes. I NEEDED to replace my Nikes!

Montrails or Salomons?

I picked the Salomon Missions. But I may need to take them back & get a half size smaller. Today is National Trail Running day. At the store I DID get $20 off the shoes, a free Nike Tee (which the BF wants to wear), a free pair of socks, and 2 free Ridge to Rivers maps. I really wanted my own maps which is awesome!

I had to go try the shoes out on the trails! I was driving to the Old Penn from my house & thought I seen money on the side of the road on Vista. I drove around the block, because it could have been a leaf, or it could have been $100.

I know my bling. I found $3.00! I seriously have a cash bling radar built in. I swear. I think I have found about $20 total for the year. And yes, my car is old and really, really dirty. Don't judge. This money is going to my new car fund. Or to the pizza delivery dude as a tip.

Anyways, my slog. I did 3 miles on the trail. Average pace 15:43. Number 15 & 17 Quarry Trail. On the Quarry Trail I came across the corner and get to see this.

How awesome is this? It was totally unexpected because there is no rain out, but still awesome.

I also got to see 2 little bunnies.

Anyways, off to watch for the pizza boy. 

What did you do on your Saturday?


  1. How fun re. the new shoes - always such a big purchase and big decision! I love the purple colour. I also love that you found (and regularly find) money!

  2. I love that rainbow! Awesome picture :)

  3. Awesome shoes, those look great! You found $3!? That would have made my week. I found a dollar the other day and I bought chocolate with it hoping I'd find a golden ticket. No such luck.


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