I Did A Hard Guy. Again.

Yep. I did my Hard Guy trail again. And I did it alone. It was hard and dirty. (TWSS) And there were a few miles where I was alone. No bikers or other trail users. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be-being alone on the trail. It was really nice.

 The only way I can negative split, ever, is by having the first half uphill and last half downhill. lol

Funny, but I know I can't be the only female trail user that goes and completes miles alone, but wow. I got "Hi" from everyone I passed -mostly men mountain bikers.  There tone was either flirty, surprised, protective, but all friendly.

I took 3 Hammer gels (raspberry & orange at miles 3, 6, & 9) and my Camelbak lasted me the whole time. I did feel a little sloshy in the gut, but I had plenty of water.

And the whole peeing in the wilderness thing? Yeah, I prefer the potty in my house but had to brave a side of the trail pee. And I need to work on my aim. Thank goodness I brought 2 wetwipes with me.

Here are a bunch of pics.

Basically mile 1

Super steep section where most bikers have to walk up.

Mile 6.something. End of Hard Guy & ready to do him again dowhill.

Super smoky out today.

Dirty feeties. Maybe a few irritated spots from the grit, too. There was a used condom to the upper left that I shoulda taken a pic of.
Chocolate Endurox R4 better then chocolate milk. Serious. 

 What was your workout this weekend? Do you feel safe doing trails alone?


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