Meet Me Monday

Today is Monday. Stuff happens when I am at work. Cool stuff I miss out on all the time. I took tonight off of work to have a Monday that I don't dread. Meet Me Monday is something cool that I have missed out on for the past 2 months. But I got to do it tonight.

Meet Me Monday logo

All Meet Me Monday is an excuse to walk downtown, be active and maybe partake in $2 Bardenay beers after.

1, 2, or 3 miles. They have a map and directions downtown on the route. I got confused and started on the 1 mile route, but completed the 2 mile route. Of course my Garmin had to be retarded so I didn't even get the incorrect mileage, but I know I had to do about 3 miles.

It is time to Botox that space in between my eyebrows.  I also didn't wear my hat and I fixed my hair!

My BFF was on his phone the whole route like this. Yes, he IS a pasty, white, gamer nerd. And ladies, he IS single! If you want his number, lemme know.

Along the route. Downtown. 

I almost ran through the fountain because I was wearing Tevas instead of nice running shoes and it is hot.

At 6:45 they had a drawing for prizes. The BFF & I didn't win any of the prizes. The had about 8 or so things to win, including gift cards to Red Robin & Jimmy Johns.

I would participate in this again if I had a free Monday night. It seems like a fun weekly (and free!) event and can only get bigger. I think at least 50+ people or so were signed up.


  1. Sounds like a fun night! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. It was actually kinda fun. I would do it again.


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