New Race Registration & Today's PPU

This afternoon I got an email about a 12K race. Cynthia asked if I was going to do it. She kinda convinced me to sign up for it. Even though she didn't have to twist my arm so hard. I am impulsive race-signer-upper. I don't really put much thought in to the race sign up because I want to do them all!


 Do you see the elevation on the bottom of the pic? I will be WALKING that. lol!

And I better go hop on the trails tomorrow afternoon since it has been a few weeks I have been up there. The heat and hills are gonna kill me. 

Today, I went to the packet pickup at Shu's for Saturday's race.  I even washed my car too. I was very productive.

PPU was standard. A couple of people at the table before me. Pretty painless. Washing my car took way longer then being in line. Got a tech shirt, my bib (that says half marathon on it but I am doing the 10K) a sample of cereal, and sample of BioFreeze.

At least we got 2 samples instead of a bunch of ad flyers that I have to throw into the recycle.

And I think I have decided on what I am going to wear. I think I am going to wear what I had on for my first race, my first 10K.  This was less then a year ago. I have done 10 races since then. Woo hoo!

What/when is your next race? Did you do anything fun today?


  1. Love the ninja race outfit! We did the usual here: a few errands and lots of pool time. Life is good!

  2. Love the outfit! Good luck on the race- that elevation does look daunting.

  3. the 12k looks awesome! So jealous, i wish i lived closer to hills!

  4. It's going to be awesome!! But don't quote me on that during the race cause I'll probably be cursing the uphill section.
    My fiance and son are running the 2 mile race. Better hit the hills this weekend!


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