Preppin' For Race Day

Tomorrow is my 11th race! So excited!

This afternoon has been all about prepping before the race.

I am stuck going in to work tonight, and I will be getting off at 11:30PM. A midnight bedtime and a 6AM alarm is going to be rough.

My alarm is set. 6:15. Ugh.

I just finished an orange Nuun. I will consume at least 60oz of plain water tonight at work.

Ordered my dinner of pizza from my Extreme Pizza BFFs. Honestly, I love it when companies actually use social media to be social. This actually made my day.

Set out my clothing, hat, and shoes. My Garmin is on the charger. (Dress - Athleta, Hat - Brooks, Shoes - Pure Cadence with my Sweat Pink laces, Socks - Swiftwick) Crappy pic, but everything is black except my shoes.

Post-race flip flops, bib on the Amphipod, and all of my Accel goodies are easily accessible for a groggy morning.  The plan is to have the Hydro in the morning and maybe bring 1 gel with me.

Now, the only things left are to do is get the coffee pot ready, eat my pizza, go slave for 6 hours at work, and hopefully sleep!

Are you running this weekend? What do you do to get ready for race day?


  1. That is way too short a sleep! But, I am sure you will do brilliantly anyway - best of luck for the race.


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