Almost Had It Done!

I deleted my original post. I was almost done with it too! They whole post is gone. I know someone out there understands. If not, oh well. I had some nice pictures in the draft that I will share tomorrow or some other time this week.

I have been wearing Nike Fuel Band for a while and I do like it, I was thinking of getting something like a FitBit instead.I had a BodyBugg and I am thinking about getting it again if I don't get a FitBit. I want something to help me keep track of food and calories in and out on one site that is pretty accurate. I thought BB was accurate, but I just got tired of wearing it. The Nike Fuel Band is not as accurate as I would like and feels pretty basic. It is nice looking. But you can't track food related things.

Have you tried a Fitbit or BB or something similar? How accurate was it for you with how many daily calories that you burned in a day? Can you log your food intake into the site to compare the two?


  1. I actually tested the fitbit for work and really liked it. Though I will say after a month or so the appeal wore off. I was tired of wearing it with every outfit. I did like that it tracked how restful my sleep was. I knew I was waking up multiple times but had no idea it was as bad as fitbit showed!

    1. Did you feel that the calories you burned on the FB was accurate? The Nike Fuel Band is guesstimated, and I feel that that benefit of the band is worthless.

  2. My husband really wants a fuel band, but I have heard that isn't as accurate as other products. Since he doesn't workout too often I don't feel like spending a ton of money on something until he commits.

  3. I don't use anything like that, but would love to.
    Currently I am just using MyFitnessPal because it is a free app on my phone.


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