College Slacking

I didn't feel like running this week at all. Fighting with the BF this week - his ex-wife doesn't have food in her house for their kids (they have to eat at their friends house or his & they didn't have school clothes or supplies for the start of school on Monday!!!) & she wanted him to buy her groceries on Sunday, I blew up. She quit a full time job with benefits for a part time job & no benefits. Now, she can't afford food and clothes for her kids. I was pissed. I think welfare needs to be called on her for child neglect! I know, not my kids, so I shouldn't get involved but I don't think you should be buying food for your ex-spouse.

Anyways... I feel this weekends run is going to be a disaster.

And my college class (Addiction Studies) started today and I didn't want to read 2 chapters in my book this afternoon and do homework, so I went up to Tablerock. After reading my syllabus this week, I have to go to AA at least once during the semester. If you see me in my local AA, it is because I am having to write a paper on it.

This was one of the best hikes up to Tablerock. There was no one there! I had almost the whole trail to myself, and when I got to the top, I was alone!

I don't think that has ever happened before! 

It was a very peaceful hike up. Despite all my coughing and wheezing from the smoke. I swear, I am going to get lung cancer from all the cruddy air this year.

On the way down the sound check was starting for whatever concert is going on tonight.

You can sorta see the stage on the left of the green field from my crappy cell phone pic. 

Now, I guess I better get myself ready for work. And maybe get some homework done while I am there. ;-)

What was your workout today? Have you entered my giveaway this week yet?


  1. So sorry your week isn't going all that great...Keep your chin up and hang in there. :) It is always nice to take a hike and be able to think. :)

    1. Since it was so quiet on the trail, I really was able to clear my mind. A little outdoor time is always welcomed!

    2. I am hoping to get some of that this weekend! :)


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