Finally - Friday!

Oh, Friday! I have waited for you for a few days to finally arrive.

Thank goodness, you are finally here!

And it is a Boise State game day. 


Although I feel like crap (the smoke in the air this week has me hacking constantly - and I am not a persona with health issues where I would be considered "sensitive." It is like it is only me that is complaining and being affected by the air quality!)

Anyways, the slacker in me didn't get a run in. I did get some bubbly and some Wine By Joe. Fred Meyers FINALLY is carrying the brand in Boise. It isn't the Joe's Secco I found at Whole Foods when I went to Seattle, for the marathon in November, but I am hoping this is good either way.

3-day weekend priorities.
And I got my Chobani on my doorstep thanks to a giveaway from Sips and Steps. Thanks! I love my Cho! And I got the mixed pack of all the flavors, so I FINALLY get to try lemon, mango, and strawberry banana - which I have never seen in my stores.

And if Chobani comes to my house in boxes, there will be never a complaint here!

Oh, and I am doing a race this weekend. With the smoke giving me an excuse to not venture out of my house, I have not done anything longer then 7 miles in one day for, what, a month?! This is going to be a very painful slog.

But I did get my race outfit packed and ready to go. Sorry for the cruddy pic. I was in a hurry and wanted to pic it and pack it.

Brooks top and hat, Athleta skirt (which I am sad they are not making any of these skirts anymore and just doing skorts this year - grumble!) 

Good race news is that the weather is going to be PERFECT for running on Sunday. I am expecting the start to be in the 50-60. Perfect!

What are your weekend plans? What was your workout today?


  1. Good luck on your race, I love your outfit! Yay!

    1. The outfit is one of my faves! And the tank has a side pocket for a gel, which is awesome.

  2. I was pretty excited about the weekend coming too! I am really glad that Friday ended and it was time to start it! Good luck on your race Sunday! :)


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