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Today, no run as of yet. I am busy cooking up a storm before all of our produce goes bad. And the BF is basically a cripple because he might have sprained his ankle, so I kinda want him off of his feet to not be a cripple, so I am cooking so he stays off his feet. I know that this isn't a food blog, but fooding is what I am going to make this post about. You are also free to click on my last two posts which DO refer to RunInBoise Running and RunInBoise Running Gear.

I have a butt load of tomatoes. Really. And I picked more today out of our garden. I also picked some zucchini and 2 mondo huge heads of broccoli. Some bell peppers and jalapenos need to be picked also. I also cut up a pineapple driving me crazy with how good it smelled most of this week on the counter. And I have some bok choi taking up space in the fridge...

I have this recipe in the oven right now. Another 20 minutes and it will be done! I just have to go to the store soon to get some nice bread to spoon it over.
 Slow-Baked Tomatoes with Garlic and Mint
Seriously, this is the best tomato recipe ever.

I have some Italian Parsley sitting in the fridge. Thank goodness for coming into contact with a bunch of magazines this week and look what was featured in an April issue of Sunset? A perfect recipe of Italian parsley. Other then a garnish, I don't know what else to do with it. I had to get ricotta and won ton wrappers at the store yesterday, but I thankfully had everything else.
Parsley Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce Recipe
I am thinking with a side of asparagus and mini-sweet bell peppers from Costco sitting in the fridge?

I also have some cucumbers. The Bitten Word had me kinda wanting to do this recipe all week, and so I got me some cucumbers.

There are so many freakin cucumber/vodka recipes out there that I don't know which to pick. Vodka Highball, Cucumber infused vodka for a Bobby Flay Cucumber Cocktail, or maybe some Gazpacho Vodka Shots where it is like a meal in a shooter. And it sounds more fancy then calling it a Bloody Mary. I have plenty of tomatoes to use either way.

And no, I can't actually eat the cucumbers. Sheesh. I couldn't be considered some imbibing lush then. :-)

What are your favorite ways to use up tomatoes? Bok choi? Cucumbers? Have you ever picked up a bag of those Mini Sweet Peppers from Costco?


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