I got my butt outside and ran today on the greenbelt.

I was warm. And a little smoky. And my leggies ran out of steam. Was it the smoky air not letting me get oxygen to my muscles? Or a 2nd Surge & half cup of coffee as breakfast pre-run? It is funny but the caffeine doesn't bother my gut before a run, but gels or chews with caffeine during my run does. Or was it the heat and full sun I was in? Or because I was wearing Altra's for the 1st time & I was using all sorts of new muscles in zero-drop shoes?

 Either way, I put my leggies in the river after I was done & that was a warm weather treat.

I was totally pumped up by this Rock My Run mix. Awesome if you want a girl ego boost.

I am also obsessed with this song. Obsessed. Seriously. It is going to be on repeat all night at work.

What songs are you loving lately? What was your workout today? Have you entered my giveaway today?


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