Saturday Slog

Today's run was on a super small treadmill, pretty much made for walking.

I took the Altra's out for another spin.

7 miles done. I wanted to do 8 but just got bored. I did it in 99 minutes. I walked quite a bit of the last mile because I was hot & needed to cool down. I had to take this slog so slow because the treadmill I was on really is made for just walking on.

I had an Accel vanilla gel about mile 4. Like I said, I planned on doing 8 miles when I took it.

I had 1 scoop of an R4 for recovery after...

Along with 2 White Russians, heavy on the white. And this pasta dish but with 2 cans of clams & their juice instead of water and whole littleneck clams. I used Coppola Chardonnay for the wine, and it has too much flavor it actually over powered the clams & garlic. I recommend using a milder white.

After dinner, I took a much needed hop in the hot tub after and even caught a shooting star fly above!  That made pretty much sealed a perfectly awesome day.

Tell me something awesome about your weekend. Did you have an awesome meal or an awesome workout?


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