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Aging and My Mid-Life Crisis

I can't believe that I am now 40. It sounds SO OLD. But I don't feel like I should be THAT old. Its depressing. I think I'm having a harder time accepting this then I did for when I turned 30.

It's scary. To be frank and a little macabre, you have to start planning for end of life stuff. There is a lot I have yet to do with my life. But to be planning old people stuff, its scary.

How much longer am I going to live? How can I do this the healthiest that I possibly can? Should I buy life insurance for my other half and I? How can I increase our retirement savings. (Going on a cruise a couple times a year is not helping with that savings.) At what age should I sign up for AARP?

I had one friend die of Pancreatic cancer this past year. It hit him hard and sadly fast. I had another friend in November pass due to complications with pneumonia and his diabetes. I seen him in the store a week or two before he passed and he was out of it. I googled both their names when I did n…

Things I Get To Do When I Don't Run

This post was almost done last night, but it got deleted before it was sent out. Had to re-write it from the start today. 

I have not ran for almost a week. Sorry, but not sorry. The BF's family (his father & stepmother from Vegas, and 90 year old grandfather from Napa) were in town and I had to do family things with them. I did have plenty of time to wine this weekend, but no time to run. Plus the air quality is so bad, I have been avoiding going outside. Tomorrow, I will run. Even if I am stuck on the treadmill. I promise.

Here are some things I get to do when I don't run.

Did you see the meteor shower? We did. It was Saturday.
The BF & his son catching a shooting star.
I was drinking orange smoothies and pounding wheatgrass shots. I really like wheatgrass shots. Really.

I get swag in the mail. Thanks Altra!
I wear such swag to work.
I get new shoes. See, I HAVE to run tomorrow so I can do an official review. So freakin excited for these shoes.
I get my hurr duun. I don't like how my girl fixed it after, but it smells nice and my non-existent greys are covered up.

I prepare blog posts. I have a giveaway post and a product review post coming up tonight or tomorrow. Just have to hit publish. Next week I will have a (few?) Boise-area race entry giveaway.

Here is a hint.

What have you been up to this week? Any workouts or races planned? Have you ever done a color/mud run?


  1. I totally missed the meteor shower! Cool shoes! and yes, since you have them, you have to run! The air quality isn't all that great here in Arkansas either. Good luck on your run!

    1. Dang, you missed the meteor shower! Mark your calendar for Aug 2013 :-)


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