Almost Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday. Not as nice as a Friday, but good enough for a run.

Went out in 60 degrees and wonderful blue sky. 2 miles in and the smoke blew in fast and thick. I had to cut my slog short by a mile. My lungs were not happy with this situation.

There are supposed to be a few more mountains visible. You can barely see the foothills. I am gonna get lung cancer. ugh.

I don't know what is with the chalk, but it is always fun to see what people write on the greenbelt. Made me smile.
 Go Runners Go!

 Tight Butts Drive Us Nuts!

 We <3 To Sweat

And sweat I did. And I didn't wear my hat like I usually do. The reason why I always wear my hat - it keeps the sweat from dripping down my face.

5 miles done instead of 6. All on a forefoot landing. No heel striking at all. Proud of myself. Despite the angry face in the pic above.

I am also working on updating my blog/twitter/ect backgrounds. Spent last night messing around with some blog header designs.
 These are 2 ideas I was messing around with.

I plan on coming up with something this week. I may need to take a few hat-free pics.

How did you come up with your blog design? Photoshop? What was your workout today?


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