I Am Registered

Today, if you didn't happen so see it, KTVB Yollar has half off registrations for the Idaho Wine Run at Ste. Chapelle Winery on Sept. 30th.

Half off Registration for Idaho Wine Run

I decided that I am going to do the Half Marathon. For $22, you Can Not Beat That!

I am glad that I held out on registering until last minute because the code that I had received earlier in the year for $5 off the race, wasn't as good as a deal as today's deal. 

I also registered officially for the Live To B Fit 5K. $20 and it starts at 11. Love the Sunday races and I love the late start races. And this race was ok last year when I did it. I remember that it was a very small race, and was kinda annoyed by the heavy card stock bib, but it was ok enough to do again.

What are the next races that you plan on racing? What was your workout this weekend?
My workout was spent cleaning house and re-arranging my storage unit. I have a black velvet chaise lounge that I need to get rid of. It is super awesome, but can't have it in the house. It is not very cat, or kid-friendly. Also gonna take a bunch of boxes to the auction, 2 large bags of stuff to the thrift store, and a box of clothes (mostly DKNY) to Plato's Closet. Yay, downsizing!


  1. Yay for decluttering! I can never do enough of that. Wow score on the race! Ive never paid less than $30 for a half. I've got RnR Denver this weekend, then Zooma Great lakes and I'll wrap it up with MCM.

    1. I got most of my storage unit cleared out and I am pretty excited about the race. Glad I waited until the special price happened.


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