Meet Me Monday

Hooray for holiday days off from work!

The BF and I were able to go to Meet Me Monday! I went with the BFF a few weeks ago and we had fun spending time together.

 Meet Me Monday logo

 According to my Garmin, we only walked 1.4 miles in about a half hour (have not uploaded my garmin yet) and got back just in time for the drawing.

I was having a hard time taking pics of myself with my cell and walking at the same time! lol

The BF actually tried to eat this cherry-looking thing, crab apple thing we picked off a tree. Whatever it is. He bit into it and we laughed how we could probably make flavored vodka or wine out of it. We had fun walking around downtown.

I won a free meal at My Fit Foods at the drawing. I really was hoping for the Jimmy Johns gift card, but oh well. I won!

I wish I didn't have to work most nights so I could participate in more MMM's. :-)


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