The Most Important Decision

Today, I made a very important decision.

I decided what I am going to wear this weekend!

Big deal, huh. I have been thinking about this for well over a week!

I went to good 'ol Sports Authority and spent a little more then what I should have... Thank goodness for the 5% cash back when you spend over $100... Shizits be on sale, too.

So, I decided, Saturday for the Run 2 The Summit, I will be wearing this -

Adidas skirt, Nike tank, with black Zensa sleeves and my black Brooks PureCadences.

Don't mind my tired face. I am only on 5 hours of sleep. Insomnia rocks. Yeah, not really. 

I also got an UnderArmor shirt and a new sports bra, and some citrus Nuun.

Sunday for the Idaho Wine Run, I was thinking my blue Team Sparkle skirt, with New Balance 7" bike shorts underneath (need more of these badly!) and a Nike mesh tank that I have had for a few summers, but always forget about it. Blue Brooks PureCadences will be worn with this outfit.

So that is what I am thinking of wearing for the 2 half marathons this weekend. What do you think? Are you running or working out this weekend? What are you gonna wear?


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