Two Halves In Two Days

Yes, I am cray-cray. It is OK if you agree with that. My feelings will not be hurt.

I am running (participating) in 2 half marathons in 2 days.

Sunday, I am doing the Idaho Wine Run half marathon. Signed up for that a week ago.

Tonight on Twitter, Shus was giving away entries to the Idaho Wine Run and another new race, Race 2 The Summit.

Guess who got a free entry to that race? Yep. I did and I chose the half marathon.

Was it smart of me to choose 2 half marathons in 2 days? No, probably not, but I am doing it.

I am not going to think about the 1600' of elevation in the first 6 miles. I am just going to think about the bling at the end of the race.

Now, the hardest part of this week is choosing what to wear! I have been searching for new outfits all week online, and can't find anything that I just have to have. (I really want a cute black tank...) I guess my good 'ol standby of Sports Authority will have to have something cute for me. At the very least, they have the spandex shorts I like to wear under my skirts and I do need a new sports bra...

Do you have any advice on back to back runs? I am planning on rocking the compression for sure!


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